summer plans

So even though my summer has not yet (officially) started I am already getting in the project mode. I sat down this Saturday and made a huge list of my summer goals around the house, in the yard, for travel, and most importantly for the shop.

I am really going to try to do my homework and learn how to build my business the right way and of course get a lot of studio hours logged. It will take some planning and some discipline but I am definitely determined to make crafting and selling more of a priority and lifestyle. I know that I work much better under a tight schedule and a bit of pressure so I can stay focused, goal-oriented and busy. Some plans for building the business include looking into some new promotion ventures (etsy promotion, blogs, etc) and possibly reaching out to some local shops. I have done local shops before but I feel I need to find the right niche for what I am making right now. So I am ready to get my hands dirty and get some things done. More about the rest of the to-do list tomorrow.


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