garden update

Even though I had a great garden last summer, I am still so amazed that all of this incredible food comes from the ground- and that I don't completely kill every single thing I plant. The summer garden is no exception, plants are getting bigger and bigger, starting to ripen and I can tell we are on the verge of a feast around here. So far I have pulled two cucumbers, two okra, and a green bell pepper from the summer crop. Here is what else is going on:Zinnias are popping up in the flower gardens.

The garden continues to grow and grow, you can't even see the crazy cucumber plants taking over the yard from this view.
Tomatoes are starting to ripen, ready to be made into daily sandwiches.
I had no idea okra had such beautiful flowers!
And these little round striped yellow cucumbers (yes, cucumbers) that we planted from seed are just the sweetest things ever.

Hopefully I will be able to share some of our vegetarian feasts very soon!

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