Why, Hello There 2011

I am amazed at how fast the break and even the entire year has gone by. I have enjoyed looking back over some of my posts from the last year, most especially my last new year's post. I had put together a pretty hefty list for myself to accomplish in 2010 and even though I can't say I crossed each and every one of those things off, I feel extremely productive from what I did accomplish. Some of my last year's plans included remodeling the kitchen (still in progress, ha), painting the hallway and redecorating the bathroom, cooking more, opening my etsy shop, and taking more trips. Other exciting events this year included our engagement, a girls weekend, a heart and craft giveaway, and a mini backyard flood.

Going in to 2011 I am elated and honored to be marrying my absolute favorite person. While wedding work is certainly the top of my to-do's for this year, I am excited for all the other projects and events to come. I am not including a large list of goals for the year ahead because I realized looking back that I feel really proud of everything I have done in 2010, I pushed myself hard and feel great about all the I have accomplished. I plan on going in to 2011 with that momentum and continuing to enjoy my life, my love, and my creative endeavors.

Happy New Years to you and yours!


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