so this is the new year

Inspired by this post, I have made my own list of to-d0's for 2010. It is not a list of resolutions, rather goals to aspire for in the coming year. 2009 was wonderful, most notably buying and moving into our home, taking a ceramics class with my mom and sister (which will continue), growing a garden (thanks to my sister), selling some of my jewelry and ceramics at a local shop, hiking a state park, and continuing my workout routine even when I was sick of it! So many friends and family members helped make some wonderful memories- at home and away.

Here are some of the things I will look forward to over the next 365 days:
  • remodeling our kitchen
  • opening my etsy shop (hopefully in the next month!!)
  • learning to use my nikon more effectively
  • taking more small trips with the mister (mountains or beach?)
  • cooking more- using more from the local farmers market and my own gardens
  • meeting more fellow bloggers and expand my place in this wonderful community
  • finishing painting the house- a blue hallway?
  • taking up screen printing in my home studio
  • setting up a home accessories etsy shop in addition to the first one
  • expanding my workout- more variety and more outdoor activites
  • bike rides
  • finishing decorating the bathroom- orange walls!
  • starting my 4th year of teaching (and maybe the last)
  • creating more and study how to make a career of it
  • using less and trying to be a more conscious consumer
I am excited to work towards these things and see where 2010 leads!


lavelle said...

What a lovely post! I enjoyed reading what you will be up to this year!

Good luck with your etsy shop! I've just set up a vintage shop/blog. I might move it to etsy eventually though



katbird said...

Thanks! I have checked out your shop- you have some lovely items!