My sister bought a house! Well, is in the process of buying her very first home. So, in honor of her new place, this post is solely devoted to all of the things I would buy for her and decorate her home with. Everything is from Terrain. A home and garden store owned by the same group as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, so you know I love it. So, Liz, here is what I would give to you if I could buy everything I wanted for you::
These lovely nesting bowls.
As well as these.
This sweet linen apron.
This garden tools towel set.
These foldable rubber boots.
And lastly, this heirloom seed collection.

Congratulations sister! I can't wait to help you move, garden, paint, decorate, and cook your first meal in your new home! I am sure there will be more of these posts to come.

And check out my other sister's awesome project here. Exciting!

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heyrabbit said...

thanks sister. your labor will be just as good.