Merry Christmas! I hope it is the best day ever!

I will most likely be taking the next week off for visiting family in other parts of NC and in Georgia. See you next week, muah!


Jeremy and Kathleen said...

OHMYGOD is that your home!? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I was obsessed with mid-century thru 1970s homes before I purchased my pre-war tudor. It looks like it's out of the Incredibles.

I love your New Years list. Can't wait to catch up on your blog.

katbird said...

It is! We bought it in May of last year and have sooooo enjoyed decorating and fixing it up. I have tried to keep most of the furniture and decorations mid-century, so lots of thrift store finds. And I have some of the same things your friend Liz has in the remodel posts you have put up of her house!

It was built in '57 and has been great- but I adore your home as well! Especially those built ins! Keep in touch!