christmas 09

I have really enjoyed decorating the house for the first time ever for Christmas. Just having space for your decorations without everything feeling cluttered makes such a difference.
I am very picky about my decorations, though, and have been getting some slack from friends and family for not putting up mine and the mister's childhood ornaments and decorations. Is that awful? I just want everything to match my color scheme!! Ok, that does sound pretty awful. I'll let you be the judge...
The white tree!

A very special wire ornament my love made for me.

The garland I made from unbleached coffee filters (and a little bit of tissue).

The coffee table.

The gifts- with my handmade NC ceramic ornaments.

I am so excited for Christmas to be here, to actually hand out all of the gifts and to have everyone over to enjoy our new home with us. Speaking of home, I have a special handmade project to show you tomorrow!

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