treats for my sweets

Ok, I have to admit I feel like the blog has been all about me, me, me this week. Things I have been doing or things I just want! So today I want to share some things I have found that I would love to give to all the wonderful people in my life! Everything is from the always exciting Curiosity Shoppe.

For my sisters::
vegetable garden greeting cards.
Russel Wright sugar bowl and creamer.
mustache pencils, just for fun.

For my brother::

a pinhole camera kit and a diana camera, because he is awesome and needs to take more photos. (and draw me pictures)

For the parents::
glasses-shaped USB drive, you can never have enough space.
wooden salt and pepper shakers, because they are just awesome.

For the mister::
the sweetest book I've ever read.
a wooden flashlight, stylish and handy.
cute wooden radio, because I just know he would love it.

For everyone I know::
the "I am not a paper cup" porcelain cup. Because someone gave one to me a few years ago and it is one of the greatest things I have ever owned.

I am not endorsing this as any kind of gift guide, but just some things I love that I would give the the people I love... if I had a lot of money and I hadn't already made all of their gifts. :)

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Dallas Shaw said...

cutw list- going to buy some of that for myself