Anabela's post on planning, designing, and putting together packaging over on Fieldguided was truly inspired. Everything in the shop she runs with her partner Geoff is lovely, her design for business cards, thank you notes, and labels are divine, and her photography is always sublime. Reading about the care and time she puts into her packaging materials was wonderful and made me not feel so guilty about spending so much time on my own (because this time essentially goes unpaid and in some cases unnoticed). It is nice to see the care and attention that goes in to every last detail of their work.I also hopped over to one sleepless night to read more behind the scenes details from Anabela's work and was pleasantly surprised to find someone else that loves these details so much that the words "I have to fix my new logo" may take precedents over social time or relaxation. And, lastly, are you not just dying for that floral postcard with the magenta haze?

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