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Getting back into work has been hard, hence the lack of posting here. But after looking back on my recent posts I realized that I have been pretty negative. This place is supposed to be a reprieve, a happy place, and a little bit of a getaway. So I am vowing now not to air all of my negative laundry here on my blog. I will never be one of those sugar-coated, life is peachy kind off bloggers that always has perfectly plated dinners or exquisite outfits to share but I promise to keep it real, in a positive way. It's a good feeling to be focused on what's right.
So my first positive post to share is about hair. After seeing this amazing Month of Hair on Refinery 29 I was inspired by the great style and got to thinking about my own hair. My hair is the longest it has ever been since I was about 14. I have been growing it out for the last year or so and am lucky to have a good friend who is also an awesome stylist. All through college I had short, cute, easy to be artsy kind of haircuts but that look doesn't really transfer into long hair the same way. It seems to take a little more work to feel put together and creative with long hair. I have always been low maintenance about my hair but over the summer I started having a lot of fun playing around with more hairstyles. Here are a few of my favorite styles/tips for my newly longish hair.
  1. Braids. It is the first time in a loooong time my hair has been long enough for braids and boy are they fun. One loose side braid, two french braids combined into a low, messy ponytail, hippy braids pulled back around hair hanging down, all sorts of braids.
  2. Dirt. Yep, the dirtier the better. This summer my hair routine went something like this: Day one, hair clean, down, and air-dried to a natural wave. Day two, a braid or a high, messy bun- the more hairspray the better. Day three, higher and messier bun with a scarf tied around to hide the ever-growing, a little bit dirty-looking do. Day four, wash and repeat. Three days is about as long as I can go without washing it but the texture and size on those last two days is pretty phenomenal.
  3. Twists. For working out I found the easy style has been a low, loosely twisted bun at the nape of my neck. This way I can workout and then take my hair back down without the pesky hair-tie crease you normally get from a ponytail. I have read this is also a great way to style you hair if you like washing it right before bed. Twist into a low bun and take out in the morning for lovely waves.
That is about it for my hair expertise and while I am in great need of a trim, I have had some fun with my new found locks. So I would love to hear, what are your go-to or new favorite styling tips?

PS. They also have the must-read Lazy Girl's Guide to Hair.

Photos from Refinery 29.

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Victoria said...

The only way I can wash my hair before going to bed is to put it in a loose bun, otherwise, it is out of control in the morning.