finding the balance

Ok this post is really not about balance at all. Because right now my life has none. We started back to school (work) this week, started tearing down cabinets and tile in our kitchen, and now I need to get back to my shop. It is busy and hectic and messy and feels like running in several directions at once. Usually I thrive on being super busy and having my hands in several projects but right now I am barely treading water. I know in a few weeks once the routine has set in it will all be much easier, so for now I am letting things like this make me happy. One of my custom garlands being used at an opening press party for adorable jewelry shop, Viv&Ingrid at Oxford Hall. Isn't that the cutest name ever?


Viv&Ingrid at Oxford Hall said...

The garland made our party - we loved the whimsy it added to our shop!

Here's to pretty little things! And to finding balance (eventually)!

melissa davis said...

Can't wait to use your garlands at my son's first birthday party!! :)