marriage equality

I was really moved by the photos Joanna shared a few weeks ago of some of the first couples to get hitched in NYC on July 24th, the first day that same sex marriage was legally recognized in the stated.

Then last week Kathleen shared a really lovely design she created for an upcoming event, YAY New York! which is basically a mass reception celebrating marriage equality. Not only is her design the perfect representation of this event and this idea- but they are also doing a giveaway of a tote featuring her logo! Tomorrow is the last day to enter so go ahead and make the move now and then rock this logo on your blog or other social media for the world to see.
Having gotten married this year is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Creating a family unit with the person you love, the person of your heart's choice, that is not a privilege that should be limited to a particular population. I believe in love and I believe in Marriage=Equality.

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And Kathleen said...

Yay love! Yay equal rights!