weekend moments

This weekend started off with a bang- a birthday and surprise engagement in one night. It was so exciting to celebrate these big moments with some of our closest friends. After that the rest of the weekend was really nice and quiet. We watched a few movies, ate pancakes, drank wine with my mother in law, had tacos and strawberry-basil margaritas with my family, and generally did not do too much. The sun light coming into our house on Saturday was a perfectly still, soft, warm tone that matched my lazy mood and I had to snap some photos before that rare occasion passed. As much as I love our house, the one downfall really is the lack of natural light, I guess that comes from being in a mid-century home with high, horizontal windows. Here are some of the stolen moments from our weekend:natural light and an old bowl that I made and that reminded me how much I miss ceramics.
yard flowers, new perfume oils ordered from here, strawberry lemon bars for birthdays.

top image: couches, new lamps, and sunlight on the ceiling.

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