autumn hues

It seems like peach, coral, aqua, mustard, tan, and grey were my go to colors throughout this past spring and summer. See here, here, and here. So I was pleasantly surprised to see this palette elevated and fittingly adjusted for the fall months over on the always amazing Coco+Kelley yesterday.Though the outfit may be a bit out of my comfort zone, the color combination is glorious. My spring shades have been deepened to emerald green, deeper brown, and a punch of black. Amazing. I found a lovely black, wispy, maxi skirt at the thrift store this week and I can see these color accents pulling a fall outfit together.

I know I shouldn't be speaking of fall too soon, and I swear I'm not wishing summer away, but this was just too good not too share.

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Victoria said...

I'm already thinking of fall too, and I love this color combination!