the honeymooners

As the craziness and stress of wedding planning has started to wane (I know I shouldn't speak to soon as we are still 3 weeks out); I have begun thinking about our much-needed little getaway. We aren't going far, just down to Charleston, SC for a few days of relaxation. We have rented a cozy little studio apartment behind a coffee shop downtown and just can't wait to be down there. Sipping coffee, sitting on the beach, eating delicious local foods, and sleeping in. I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are for this chance to just be alone and be in non-planning mode. So in my daydreams about the honeymoon I am wearing the sweetest, loveliest outfits. Oxford flats, peach high-waisted shorts, floral blouses, long flowing skirts, straw hats and soft chambray shirts. I haven't quite got my hands on each of these choice pieces- but the search is on! In the meantime, I also think this adoooorable dress from Brooklyn-based Alexandra Grecco would be absolutely honeymoon appropriate.

**If anyone else has some vacation, honeymoon attire ideas to share, feel free! I have had a hard time finding pieces I love and want to spend the money on, so I am open to suggestions.

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