tomato tales

Two years ago our garden did great- mostly due to the fact that my sister created the entire thing for us as we were moving in. Last year was not so great, possibly because of the lack of rain, early heat, and my short attention span for weeding. Either way, it was discouraging and I was determined to do better this year. We tilled the soil, reorganized our planting strategy, and got the sprinkler just in the right spot. And things have been betterish. I still have an extremely bad habit of not weeding or deadheading regularly and lately it has been hot- just like the rest of the country. We have harvested peppers, squash, and cucumbers already but the real joy comes with the first tomatoes. I adore tomatoes, all sizes colors and shapes, so this year we planted five different varieties (I can remember black cherry, juliette, and purple cherokee). So this week when we got back from the beach and saw all of these little beauties ready to be picked my heart was happy. I have been picking them a day or two early and letting them sun on our window sill in order to save them from pesky (yet adorable) wild rabbits. I never got around to putting up a fence around the garden this year (another example of my gardening downfalls) so as soon as the tomatoes get a bit of color the rabbits start to feast. BUT- I kind of don't mind sharing with bunnies. I'm just happy the tomatoes are here.

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Victoria said...

Good for you, those tomatoes are gorgeous! I agree with you, there is nothing like the joy of getting your first tomatoes!