weekend and babies

This past weekend started early on Friday afternoon and included impromptu pool parties with champagne and sushi, pizza at the best local spot, record release shows for a friend, bonfires and housewarmings, and another trip down the river. Oh and no photos, not a single one, sorry. I guess I got carried away with all of the activity and I think that is exactly how summer should be.

Yesterday I took a mini road trip to visit a dearly missed friend and meet her little man, Ollie. He was just as sweet, playful, and cuddly as I had imagined-but he would have to be with the two amazing people who are his parents- and you guys, he is a little mozart!
Moving a little slower today, adding some new work to the shop (yay!), sipping pink lemonade, and soaking in every page of this. I think it is the best way to beat the heat around here. Hope your summer week is lovely!

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Alicia said...

Awwww we had so so much fun with you, please move into the house next to us,