weekend flora

Saturday was kind of a wash. But most of Sunday was spent in a sunny backyard with hands and feet in the dirt. It is such a rewarding feeling to look around my yard and gardens and see little seedlings popping up and to know soon we will be eating fresh veggies from our garden. My parents and older sister have always been great gardeners and seemed to enjoy it so much that I am happy that this year I, too, have been getting so much out of it. Here is some of what I was surrounded by this weekend.
petunias that went into pots on the porch,

tulips in jar on deck dining table,

sage blooms in the herb garden,

garden mushrooms (from my shop),

and what is left of the seedlings that I didn't kill.

Yes, I can't do seeds. I was scared for my sister to even come over and see the failure of her grow-light project that we started in my studio. Apparently I was supposed to be turning the light on and off, watering, and singing to those seeds every single day. Who knew? We have officially labeled me a seedtard- so from now on I will stick to the plants I can see immediately as I put them into the dirt. More updates on the garden to come as we see more progress.

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Dallas Shaw said...

one of these days...i promise I'll do the same