new years eve diy's

I've been busy crafting over the last couple of days to help a friend get ready for her new years eve bash. I came up with a few different party hat styles that I wanted to share with you here.
The first was quick and easy and used dollar store cardboard party hats, vinyl stickers, silver spray paint, and colorful wire garland- all of which I already had at home. I simply placed the stickers "2012" on the center of the hat, painted silver, and hot glued some garland around the bottom. How easy is that? Initially I had wanted to take off the stickers and let the colorful hat pattern show through but after painted I loved how the silver numbers looked so much that I kept them.

The second hat style took a bit longer but was equally easy. For this one you'll need card stock, scissors or an x-acto knife, spray adhesive, glitter, hot glue gun, tape, elastic string and some sparkly tinsel. I took one of the leftover pre-bought hats and took it apart to make a template (I will add it here later for your use!) Here's what I did next (click photo for a larger view):
  1. Trace your pre-bought part hat onto the card stock of your choice. If you are using a 2-sided paper make sure to trace on the back- mine was shimmery on one side. OR you can download my pdf and print the party hat image directly onto the back of your cardstock.
  2. Cut out hat shape. The "x's" are where you will tape your elastic onto the inside of the hat so don't cut those.
  3. Fold (roll) the hat into shape and slide the tabs on the left side into the opening on the right. I then applied some tape to the inside to hold it together and then added a few dots of hot glue under the seams.
  4. Apply spray mount to the very top of your hat for an ombre glitter look or all over for more sparkle- should probably do this outside.
  5. Sprinkle on your glitter and shake excess off onto a piece of paper.
  6. Use your hot glue gun to add tinsel around the bottom of your hat.
  7. Party and enjoy!
I also made some sparkly drink stirs (seen at top) with the leftover tinsel by simply wrapping small sections of it to bamboo skewers and securing with a dot of hot glue. I hope your New Years Eve is full of fun and sparkle!