heart & craft holiday in a box

Friends, I am so excited to share with you the handmade gift I put together for the Handmade Gift Swap hosted by FreshlyPicked and ArdorBlog that I participated in this month. Besides getting wonderfully handmade gifts from five other bloggers, I got to put together and send out my own little creations.

For my handmade gift I put together the "holiday in a box" full of little treats for holiday decorating. I included a small glittery garland for wrapping around gifts, a large garland for decorating your walls or tree, shimmery cake flags for adding some sparkle to desserts, our 'this if for you' gift tags, a set of holiday banner greeting cards, and a golden-painted little deer figurine just for fun. In addition to designing the cards, inserts, packaging, and contents I had SO much fun packing and sending of these little gifts! I hope they brought a smile to someone's face and I can't wait until next year's gift swap!Find my greeting cards, gift tags, garlands, and flags all in my shop.


Kersey Campbell said...

These are INCREDIBLE! Wish I had you in my group :)

heyrabbit said...

These are super awesome!