wednesday wishlist: scents

I have been wearing the same fragrance since high school, sadly enough. It is the much loved White Musk from the Body Shop (that's a little embarrassing to admit) and while it has been a tried and true favorite of mine for all this time I have thought about updating. I ordered a few trial scents from an etsy seller this summer but was disappointed by the floral, sweet smells of each and they didn't have much of the musky undertones I was hoping for. I don't wear perfume, don't want to smell sweet or sugary, and don't want to be overwhelmed by a powerful scent (you know the kind that makes everyone want to leave a room for fear of choking when that person walks in). All that being said, I am tempted to try out this classic musk oil from Kiehls. If the scent is anything as pretty as the packaging I am sure it will be great.

Scents are tricky, though.

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