clear headed

Sorry for the lack of posts around here, but I finally feel like the in the last week the fog has been lifted. It is as if my new year did not start until February 8th and the goals and resolutions I had set for myself could not be put into motion until now. And some of those goals need to be revisited and revised. I am feeling some balance between work and life and creative pursuits, but I guess my blog suffered the new found freedom this week. It is funny how letting go of a few things really opens you up to enjoy more, but at the same time I am still a perfectionist and want to be able to fit everything in, especially my time here. I have been thinking and collecting my thoughts for this and just need to take some time to sit down and do it. Until then (February 22), I will be getting back into my routine here.

New:new year's resolution #1:
1. enjoy my job, the more i can enjoy it the better i can be at it.

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