blogging from bed and a secret squirrel

Day three of being snowed in and being sick is getting to me. So I grabbed my macbook and hopped back into bed. I'll be working from here, thank you. The snow is lovely and layering on tights, leggings, and sweaters has really been fun, but I sure am ready for some warmer weather. And when I stumbled across the absolutely gorgeous fashions of Sydney-based design team Secret Squirrel while I was over at this place, I knew exactly where I wanted my summer wardrobe to go. The simple shapes and restrained color palette are to die for and they really cover your wardrobe needs for all occasions and locations, in a really beautiful, refined way. I have spent all morning perusing their site, their blog, and their collections and, needless to say, have developed quite a crush. Their winter 2010 collection is equally amazing, but I am just getting so tired of thinking about winter clothes- so let's just enjoy these warm weather beauties for now...

I do have to say, however, I am not a fan of those shoes with the clothes. I think a tan oxford would have really fit the bill here.

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