It's finally here! It is my day to join so many other creative people in the blog.it.forward mashup. Thanks so much to Victoria for hosting this and to hashai for sending it my way from her post last Friday. Tomorrow's post will jump to Lehua of Heart on My Sleeve, whose blog I have enjoyed perusing lately, so be sure to check her post out. And now to it, what inspires me (in as small a space as I can fit it):
Midcentury Modern Design in all of it's streamlined glory,
especially when it can live in harmony with something rustic,

and understated Scandinavian design, especially when done in a white on white color scheme.

Oh, and beautiful lettering:

like these from designer Jessica Hische,

and even better when they are hand-drawn and accompanied by beautiful illustrations like these from Rifle Paper Co.

I am also inexplicably inspired by garlands and banners

it is amazing how much joy I can find in some scraps of paper or fabric.

Lastly, I am inspired to create and spend more time in the studio when I see beautiful hand-thrown ceramics like
those of eva zeisel
and edith heath.

There is so much more to be inspired by and I am happy to say it would take years to share all of it! That is really what this space is for me on a daily basis, so I hope you will stop back by.

Also, check out these other bloggers that are also posting their inspirations today as part of this mash-up:
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M and E said...

Lovely post. I love all of the beautiful photos!

alamodestuff said...

Great post especially bc I also love mid century design and interesting fonts.

Enjoyed reading about what inspires you!

sfgirlbybay said...

oooh awesomeness. we have the same taste! thanks so much for sharing! :)

Arcadia said...

I love banners and garland too! I enjoyed reading your post today :).

Kishah said...

I love everything you posted about! Wonderful post :)

Marisa Midori said...

I am in love with the play of textures on the white banners/garlands part. Great blog it forward!

katbird said...

Thanks everyone, I hope you will stop back by!

was eigenes said...

thanks for sharing your inspirations...and these wonderful pictures!
cheers, Bine

Anonymous said...

i totally forgot to link you in my post yesterday, so i editted today! hope i can send some bloggers your way!!

handmade charlotte said...

i love the garland! i also have a kiln that has never been used! ugggh! this summer for sure!!!