southern wedding magazine

I picked up a copy of Southern Wedding Magazine today and was completely blown away. The feel and aesthetic of this magazine is consistent all the way through and is nothing like the Bride magazines that I can't quite force myself to look at. This little gem has great d.i.y. projects, awesome creative vendor ideas and such a fresh modern style. And I am beyond super excited because the cover story was shot by our wedding photographers- Joey and Jessica. Have I mentioned on here how I can't wait to work with them and see how they capture our day? They are so talented- and this was all shot on film people!
Wedding planning can be incredibly daunting. I have struggled in my head with how to make a day that is unique and reflective of us as a couple and pays tribute to all the people who love us, while trying to keep it as simple and homemade as possible. Even thinking about caterers and florists makes me antsy. So I am happy to see this fresh perspective on weddings and it has given me some new energy for going ahead with our plans.
Oh, and I ordered my wedding dress this weekend :)

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