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You guys, I have the most exciting news! After almost two years of contributing to this project, Print Collective, is finally here!  Print Collective is a book of Screenprinting tips, projects, and techniques that I was asked to be a part of, along with nine other (such talented) artists from around the world. It hits the market on October 1st and you can order it right here or here. Crazy, right? People keep saying "you've been published," and it sounds ridiculous every time I hear it but it's true! Along with the two projects I contributed to the book, I also sent in tons of images, doodles, and designs that are now part of a CD that comes with the book that you can use to make your own prints. I worked with the nicest people, especially Jenny Doh and Lark Publishing, during this project and I can't wait for it to be out to the public.

Here is a more-detailed description of the publication:

In recent years, printmaking- and screenprinting in particular- has been experiencing a renaissance among crafts, designers, and artists. The popularity of designer printed fabrics, limited edition runs of tees, art prints, and more has fed the interest of crafters.

In Print Collective, each featured printer provides readers with a project of two that teaches a core technique. Examples include overprinting, screenprinting text, painting your prints, creating high contrast prints, using alternative exposure methods (like cyanotype) and more. You can truly choose your own printing adventure; in addition to the technique, each artist provides 15-20 motifs on the enclosed CD.

And a sneak peek of a couple of my pages!

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