Periodic Table of Typeface

Ok so anyone who really knows me knows how much I love fonts, most importantly- Helvetica- one of the great loves of my life I feel. I was almost in tears the first time I saw the documentary, feeling like I finally was listening to these designers speak to me in the way my brain has always been wired- on figure-ground relationships and what not. So I am absolutely swooning over this Periodic Table of Typeface. My mom is a biology teacher so I have grown up seeing the Periodic Table almost daily, I even had my Art III students do their own redesigns of each of the elements this year because I think it is such a lovely graphic chart. But this combines two things I think are just gorgeous- I want to buy it to hang in my new studio and stare at all day- or just once in a while, while doing more productive things in there. Speaking of my new studio, I don't know if I have mentioned: I BOUGHT A HOUSE. Its perfect, with master, guest and studio rooms, plus an outdoor studio for the mr and his musical endeavors. Sigh... 2 more weeks.

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