reenergize, reorganize, relist

Being sick forces me to spend more time being creative and less time running around like a crazy woman, working out, wedding planning, and having beers with friends. While those are all great things, it is sometimes nice to slow down and get some important things done- creative things that make me feel productive in the life I want to have all of the time.
So I spent some time reorganizing my Etsy shop (this is no easy task) and even decided to open a new one. This second shop will feature only my ceramic work, while the first will include all of my paper and fabric goods, plus whatever else I decide to create on a whim. Heart & Crafts Clay is up and running, though not completely finished in the design department yet, so please forgive the mess :)

I have struggled for a while over opening a second shop or not. I know that it is not like work in my original shop is just flying off the shelves, but I wanted what was in there to have a more cohesive feel and leave more room for new work to be loaded. Which hopefully will be very soon. In the meantime, see some new and old work from me here.

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