After many drafts and long hours passing the macbook back and forth, we finally came up with our save the date designs. To save on money we decided not to do fancy magnets, photobooth prints, or the temporary tattoos I originally wanted. Instead we came up with a simple, colorful design that we printed two-sided on card stock in the postcard dimensions. Postcard stamps are much more affordable and I hope our friends and family will like receiving some snail mail. I love the simple NC and hearts design that the mister came up with for the address side of the cards. I think that logo will make it's way into other aspects of our wedding for sure.


jessica seawell said...

amazingly super cute and lovely. Cannot wait for your wedding! Oh! Save us one of these so we can make a proper photograph of it! I can get one from you the next time I see you.

katbird said...

There is one coming your way via snail mail girl! I think you and Joey have definitely moved from "photographer" category to wedding guests! I will save one with no writing for photo purposes though!

Let's get together soon, lots of wedding details and photo ideas to discuss with you! xo