after the storm

And storm it did. The whole morning of our wedding day was grey and heavy with looming rain. Disastrous rain. The kind that floods our backyard, ruins hair, and makes tents on rooftops seem like a bit of a hazard.

An hour before the wedding there were flash floods and 30 mile per hour winds as my bridesmaids and I were getting ready in the apartment (penthouse!) above our ceremony site. But we had a great downtown view and in the distance we could see the slightest sunlight fighting to get through that storm. It cleared up just in time and we knew someone was looking out for us. Maybe it was the Mexican voodoo ritual we had all performed the day before, maybe it was all of the last minute prayers, and maybe it was just right. I got to walk down the outdoor stairs with my dad, down the aisle, and marry Mr. Jackson- all as tornadoes were touching down in other parts of our state.

After a perfect day and a perfect beachside honeymoon in charming Charleston, today was our first day back to reality. To work and school, to the gym and homework, and back to this little blog I have missed so dearly in all of the chaos of wedding planning.

There really is far too much to share in one post- with the months of planning, laboring, and love that went into the whole affair. So I have been trying to think of how to best recap it all. I think it will have to be done sections. Like taking turns opening each present on Christmas morning, savoring the time more than the presents themselves. Today are just a few of my favorite moments captured by friends and family, a peek into a much bigger affair if you will. My following posts will cover all of the handmade elements, the decor, the fashion, the music, the ceremony, and of course the after party. Oh and maybe a few honeymoon shots for good measure.Laughs and first dances.
An after party complete with a white feather headdress.


And Kathleen said...

Congrats you two! It sounds like it was a magical day - can't wait to hear the rest.

katbird said...

Thanks Kathleen- it is really hard to piece it all together with just the few photos we have so far. I can't wait to see how our photographers captured it all.