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I am quickly realizing that these wedding posts may be impossible until we get the professional shots back from our photographers- in a couple months. Friends and family took some great shots but they just don't cover all of the details and handmade aspects of the wedding that I want to share. Believe me, you don't want to see the 50 shots of me walking up and back down the aisle. So for now I will just share some of the best we have gotten from our loved ones that shared the day with us, and the real breakdown of the day may just have to wait until later.

But let's start with the sweetest part of the day- the desserts. Our dear, dear friend Sara works at a bakery and she generously made all of our desserts after hours at the bakery for just the cost of supplies. She is incredible and made all of our 100 cupcakes (pink lemonade and lemon almond) and 7 cheesecakes (2 oreo, 2 plain, orange creamsicle, chocolate raspberry, and white chocolate strawberry) for under $100!! Everything was so delicious and even though we thought she had way overbaked we actually ended up with only one leftover cheesecake and a couple cupcakes. I think some people had a taste of everything on the table and I don't blame them.
The photo above shows the table before we put out the cheesecakes. The rest of that table was simply decorated with a few logs, flowers, and our signature white birds and birdhouses.
I made the little cupcake flags from cocktail toothpicks and japanese paper tape, with a little help from my mom and sisters. I had also made lots of assorted flags and banners for the cheesecakes but somewhere in the day they never quite made it out, oh well, one of the casualties of a wedding I guess.
We kept the rest of the tables pretty simple. We collected lots of different style and size birdhouses when we could find them on sale at the craft store and painted them with various shades of aqua and yellow. Justin and my dad cut all of the logs at his family's country property and we combined those with the houses, some white ceramic birds from the craft store as well and simple shapes we punched and scattered on the table. The day before the wedding I was super delighted to find the simple yellow "billy button" flowers at the local grocery store and we put a couple of those on each table in tiny clear glass vases. We knew we didn't want large floral centerpieces and these elements just seemed to be much more fitting for our whole style. Modern meets rustic.

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heyrabbit said...

i wish i could take credit for helping with the flags, but i think i was actually crocheting last minutes shower headbands!