the market

Just a brief interruption from wedding posts to say that spring has hit North Carolina. We are in those (very few) weeks where the temperature stays in the 70s, the nights are cool, and the only thing anyone wants to do is be outside. These days will quickly be taken over by 80 and 90 degree weather, heavy humidity, and evening mosquitoes, so one must completely savor them while they can. I began my weekend of spring time savoring with a trip to the farmers market. Never a disappointment, this week the market was especially buzzing and I came home with some great finds.fresh, colorful eggs.
peonies that won't last long but are worth every penny.
sweet berries.
a flat of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, and squash. Just enough to get our little garden started for the year. No time for seeds this go round- but I am certainly ready to get my hands dirty today.

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