wedding week part III: fashion

Our attire was one of the easiest parts of the wedding to make a decision on, maybe because I had been planning this dress for years now. I didn't know the exact dress I wanted, of course, but I knew that there would most certainly be an addition of color. Layers and layer of colorful tulle, giving me the feeling I was wearing a giant cupcake. That sounds a little crazy but it was exactly how I felt and it was perfect.
So the search for the dress began and at the start I was hesitant to walk into any wedding dress shop. My poor mom and sister had to deal with a really grumpy me on our first trip but we kept looking (safely online) and surprisingly found my perfect dress at David's Bridal. We bought it the first day I tried it on because it was on sale and we could already picture exactly how we it would look once we added our touches. My friend Allison generously made the cupcake layers that after several fittings we ended up pinning to the inside lining. She did such an amazing job and I couldn't have been happier with her color placement and construction- perfect! My mom created a bustle so that after the ceremony we could pull up the back of the dress and show more of the color.My shoes were Lela Rose for Payless- we had all the girls pick a different color and had them custom dyed. Mine were my something blue. If you are looking for cute colorful shoes, this is seriously the best deal.
My jewelry was from Macy's and altered by my mom, my feather hair clip from Aldo and my birdcage veil made by Deeds and Petunia on etsy.

Tomorrow- the mister and the rest of the wedding party!

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Debbie said...

I love your post! It was fun to help put all of this together.