back on track

Or maybe not?  It's been almost three months and I know I won't be able jump right back in to faithfully blogging daily but I do owe you (and mostly myself) the effort.  Without going into too much detail I'll just say I got into a bit of a creative rut (more like a pit) and it was hard to crawl back out.  I have been busy; however, blogging here, selling here, and working on lots of other projects in the meantime.  Unfortunately, this little space had to take a back seat and suffer a bit.  While I'm still contemplating how to maintain and make this a positive, creative outlet; I'm unsure of what the end results will look like.

I don't like to get super personal here so that's enough of that.  Now I'll just share some snapshots of what I've been up to in the break (with no captions so use your imagination).  Oh, and while I am reshaping this place, please pop over here and see some especially rewarding projects I've been working on.  xo.

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