shop update

It's been a while since a proper shop update and I have some new items listed!  There are some new screenprints, garlands, and some super fun new printables.  Some are not as new but have only been in the shop for a month or so, so maybe new to you.  I have some simple new garlands up, but I am planning on phasing out most of the garlands as it seems that Etsy has had an influx of garland makers- you know how it goes when something hits big.  I am going to focus on more artwork and a line of printable invitations for now, both of which I am really excited to work on.  I'm also working on a few other decor items that I can see are starting to trend right now.  So as long as I can stay focused, expect to see some cleaning out and some adding of work to the shop.  I'll continue selling my garlands and work here in town at Design Archives

Besides that (because you know I can't do just a handful of things at once) I am still furiously posting over here, pinning here, and becoming addicted to Instagram.  I'm also finishing work up this month on a super secret design project that hopefully I'll be able to share with you by the end of the year.

Also- anyone in need of a super amazingly talented graphic designer?  My husband and I love working on projects together but he's just finished school and is looking for a full time position.  He's funny, cool, will make your work place an awesome environment (and I'm not just saying that- ask anyone who knows him) and he's open for business.  Check out his site and more of his work here.  Feel free to contact me with leads or inquiries for him.  xo

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