Rachel Comey

I do not normally follow fashion designers- as much as I love fashion I just don't have the mind to follow the big names. But I know what I like when I see it- and I like Rachel Comey's Spring 2009 Collection. I know its a bit late as we are heading into summer, but as we all know with fashion- these pieces will carry on into the next season quite effortlessly. And honestly, in NC you aren't wearing many slip dresses until late May/June anyway... at least I'm not :)

I am happy to be seeing myself wanting to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, after a fall and winter of essentially all gray, black, and tan. Here are some of my favorite pieces from her collection:

And it all began with these shoes that I spotted that belong to Alice from Forest Bound, one of my new favorite blogs.. but that is another post all in itself.


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