Oh Deer

***Update- we went with the moose head, it was the misters first choice, and since there is already so much deer decor in our house, I think Mr Moose will be perfect!

I know that one cannot really say that they need a laser cut recycled cardboard deer head to hang on their living room wall- but i need this laser cut recycled cardboard deer head. It is the PERFECT piece to hang on our living room wall that has been sitting empty since we moved in. It is the largest wall in our house and has just been blank for the past month. I have even been working myself up to do a set of paintings for it, but my first attempts have fallen short of my approval.

Sooo this is gonna be it. And for $58 it feels like a splurge to me, but is certainly still affordable enough for me to justify the purchase. A good splurge. I am also excited to buy a piece from another artist, rather than slap up another painting of mine that I can never feel fully content with. I also love the moose and rhino, along with almost everything else in the Cardboard Safari shop. Maybe one for every room...

Cardboard Safari on Etsy.

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