first official

First official day of summer for me. No more students, no more books, no more teacher's dirty... classroom? I should be ready to relax and do absolutely nothing.. but of course I have a HUGE list of things to accomplish while I am off of work, painting and decorating our bedroom, taking up our curtains, pottery, painting, design work for a friends band, making patio furniture, and major gardening. That is just what I can think of off the top of my head... I am not good at relaxing. Today I am planning a birthday party for my best/going away party for my love that we are having here tomorrow. So far all I have got is slip-n-slide, grill, and margarita cupcakes. Besides all of the work I am on a never-ending search for free pools to get into, plus I would love to find that slide pictured above, that looks delicious.

Polaroid image from let'sexplode's photostream.


heyrabbit said...

i'm superexcited about the party! and your moosehead. most of all--can't wait to see the garden. i just took the bread out of the oven, and i'm on my way.


heyrabbit said...

have you looked at this?