easiest party decor ever

When we decided last Monday night to have a small get together for the mister's birthday I thought I'd have plenty of time during the week to set up a menu and nail down some decorations. So when I woke up on Saturday from a really busy week with absolutely nothing done (read- not even thought about) I was a little panicked. After a morning of errands and a small but efficient shopping list I was ready to cook and set up the decorations. I knew the decor had to be simple so I had the idea of lining the wall behind the table with crepe paper strips and really wanted to try the wooden shapes garland that Jenny had shown here. A long strip of double-sided tape was all I needed to adhere about 60 long strips of basic streamer paper to the top of the wall. I painted thin sheets of balsa wood in matching colors with craft paint and cut into geometric shapes with an x-acto. I then used a multi-sized hole punch to (carefully) punch into those and strung them onto waxed cord left over from the Christmas bracelets I made for my girlfriends. It all came together pretty quickly, cost less than $13, and made a simple yet colorful impact. Sometimes a time crunch and last minute ideas are the best.

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