S0 completely exhausted from the past few days of getting ready to go back to school. So tired I couldn't even think of a title for this post. Today- the students came- and I talked and talked and talked. Syllabi and schedules and supplies and grading and procedures and rules and attendance and so many un-art-related words that I cannot even think. The first few weeks are really tiring until we get in to a routine and started on some real work. I am hoping to be inspired by my day job this year, inspired by my students to be more enthusiastic about my own art work. That means come home from a long day job and try to put some love and time into something of my own. That is very hard sometimes. Photos from the weekend still sit unedited and I am currently skipping my pottery class- not a good start.
On a unrelated note- how gorgeous are these handmade fixtures by KAM lamp company, the currently featured etsy seller? I need that little light bulb of inspiration right now.

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