the party

I finally got around to the party photos. This engagement party was truly a labor of love from friends and family. My family spent hours in the heat hanging decorations and then came back early to finish cooking and setting up. The night was a whirlwind and my only regret is that we did not get a good photo of the mister and I at all. I am pretty upset about that, but that's exactly why we need professional photographers for the wedding. Here is some of what we did capture:
Perfectly portioned picnic food- including my mom's most delicious homemade mac and cheese.
The dessert table with the most delicious lemon curd and basil cupcakes from my talented sister.
Curtain backdrop photos ops.
Dear friends from out of town.
And a little bit of craziness. Thank you to everyone who made this night special to us!

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jessica seawell said...

these are so cute Kat! In love with the table cloths. Cannot wait to see what the wedding will look like!