handmade wedding pt. 1

We have not yet done a whole lot of wedding planning but we have talked and talked and come up with ideas and pretty clear vision. It is very important to us that as much of this event be handmade and diy as possible, and with an incredible group of talented friends and family members it doesn't seem that it will be very hard to do. It is easy to feel loved when people around you are offering to make food, decorations, even your dress- I couldn't be luckier.

In a couple of weeks my sisters and friend are hosting our engagement party- a twilight picnic in our own backyard. Blankets, lanterns, candles, yard games and spiked lemonade are all on the agenda and I am really looking forward to it. The prep work for this is just a small taste of all the treasure hunting we will be doing over the next year for the big day.

I designed an invitation for the engagement party that we are sending out to friends and most likely this will be the style and colors I stick with for designing our wedding invites. I want to make sure it is sophisticated enough, however, so the real invite may be a little more refined.

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kirstyb said...

oh thats lovely sounds like you will have a great time xxxx