laying low

It was a nice relaxing weekend with no plans, no parties, and no jobs. Just what I needed after the first week back to work. Settling into that new schedule with early mornings and shorter evenings, but not quite grasping the rest of my life quite yet. I guess it takes a few weeks to get into work and being able to accomplish anything else. Looking forward to doing some sketching and painting soon- and filling some orders for the shop. Cooking, working out, and getting my hands into wedding plans are all on the long-term list as well.

Looking forward to the near end of over-90 summer days (though not this week) and the slow settling in of fall. The pace of everything seems to slow down a bit as the days get shorter and you can't quite fit as much on that to-do list-- I really love that. Evening bike rides and cheese biscuit baking and porch nights with glasses of wine are all in my near future.

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