Really excited to share that today I am featured in the Meet An Artist column for goTriad, our local arts supplement to the newspaper. I was interviewed about my etsy shop and work a few weeks ago, photographed in my home studio, and today it went to print! This is really exciting for me and will hopefully get me in touch with some local event planners and stylists for future work. Since I am not a fan of the photo they chose for the online version, I will leave you with a peak at some new additions to the shop. Cheers!


Kristen said...

I've really been enjoying reading about your wedding. It was so beautiful!

Congrats on the GoTriad article. It's funny that our trip story is in the same issue :)


Victoria said...

Congratulations, that's so exciting!

katbird said...

Thanks ladies!

Kristen- I was so excited to see your story in there! Have fun on your trip!!